Bamix G200 Immersion Blender Review

In the past few years Bamix has quietly become one the leading names in the immersion blender industry. While their prices may be a little bit higher they are worth every penny, Bamix truly is the Cadillac of the blender world.

The quality that you will find in a Bamix model is unmatched by any other models currently on the market, while others fall apart and short out after heavy use Bamix blenders are always running strong.

One of the best Bamix has to offer right now is the Bamix Gastro G200. While it is not exactly an “entry level” blender it can incredibly useful in even the newest chefs hands. It is made in Switzerland of stainless steel and the motor can put out over 12,000 RPM.

Bamix Gastro Professional G200 Information

If we were asked to choose the best Bamix model on shelves right now we would have to pick the Gastro Professional G200 Pro-2. The G200 is great for anyone that needs to make a large amount of food quickly, especially catering companies and restaurants.

The 200 watt motor allows quick blending and mixing while an elongated down stem keeps the blending unit clean. The 7 inch down stem is one of the most overlooked features of this model.

Shorter down stems cause the housing unit of blenders to get dirty and can even cause permanent damage if certain parts of the motor get too wet. With the long down stem form the G200 this is sure to not be an issue. Another benefit is the handy wall mount.

Gone are the days of digging around in messy cabinets looking for a blender. Using the wall mount is easy and can be installed in under 5 minutes. Finally, the down stem and mixing blades are dishwasher safe, so clean up takes only moments.


  • Very quiet, a perfect choice for people with roommates that are light sleepers or very young children
  • 3 interchangeable blades
  • Long shaft length makes for easy clean up
  • Powerful motor has no problems blending tough foods like peanut butter without damaging the motor
  • Great for making soups, smoothies and minced vegetables
  • Professional quality


  • Lacks 360 degree safety guard

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Our Final Say

Overall this blender is an excellent pick for green chefs and experienced ones alike. It can do it all in the kitchen and is built to last both inside and out. The powerful motor and steel blades are sure to mix up even the toughest recipe ingredients in a breeze.

With its 7 inch shaft and whisper quiet motor you can not go wrong with this great blender. If you are in the market for a new immersion blender be sure to check out the Bamix Gamix G200.

BlenderRecommended For
Cuisinart HB-154PCEasy to use
Bamix G200Restaurant quality immersion blender
Cuisinart HM-70High powered hand mixer

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