Best Immersion Blender for Crushing Ice

Crushed ice is always everyone favorite in the summer time. Weather you like snow cones, ice-es or prefer something more adult crushed ice is always a crowd pleaser. While everyone may love crushed ice no one seems to know how to make it properly.

Because of this you are left with a few different options: breaking it by hand, buying it from a store or trying to make your own in a blender. The first too can be expensive and time consuming, but using a blender takes only minutes and is so easy a baby could do it!

Blender for making crushed ice

The best blender for making crushed ice in our test has been the Oster BVCB07-Z blender. The BVCB07-Z has the perfect amount of power and blades for making the perfect crushed ice.

It has a built in 600 watt motor and 7 different speed settings including high and low “pulse” options, allowing you to make the perfect sized ice every time.

Many blenders only have one or two weak metal blades built in, this is where the Oster passes all of them. The Oster BVCB07-Z blender comes with a separate stainless steel blade specially made for crushing ice, unlike other blender blades that can not be removed.

This is important for blenders when making cursed ice in the blender because blender blades are easily dulled, decreasing the efficiency of the unit.When deciding on a blender for making crushed ice it is essential that you look at all the features and specifications.

Often cheap blenders are unable to make proper crushed ice and will just make you a glass of very cold water. Look on the back of the box for a blender that has a crushed ice setting, like the Oster BVCB07-Z uses. If you try to use a weak blender for making crushed ice you can damage the motor and possibly render it unrepairable.


There are many benefits to using a blender for making crushed ice instead of purchasing it or worse, attempting to breaking it by hand or with a hammer. Have a good, high quality blender will save you endless amounts of time and headaches. Instead of spending hours worrying if you have enough ice for your big party you can rest easy knowing that more ice is mere moments away.

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It is hard to think of any cons for using a blender for crushing ice. Using a high quality blender is quite honestly a no brainer, especially when you consider that a good blender can be used for many other purposes.


If you are a chef in the market for a new blender for your kitchen, or are just looking for something that can make crushed ice in a breeze on a hot summer day then I highly recommend checking out the Oster BVC07-Z. It has all the functions necessary for making crushed ice plus it can do so much more in the kitchen.

Patricia G. Mills

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