Cuisinart HB-154PC Review

The Cuisinart HB-154PC Smart Stick Hand Blender is one of the best stick hand blenders on the market for anyone who has to spend time in the kitchen, whether you are a complete novice struggling to make your first dish or head chef at a five star restaurant.

The blender is small, only 13 by 9 by 6 and 4.7, and easy to handle but don’t let its size fool you, the 200 watt motor is more than enough to get the job done while not taking up an entire shelf in your kitchen.


As expected, Cuisinart hit yet another home run with this blender. The HB-154PC has all of the traditional features of a Cuisinart blender traditionally come with such as easy to use controls, dishwasher safe and a powerful blender, whisk and chopper.As previously mentioned, this blender has a built in 200 watt protected by brushed stainless steel, to protect it in a busy kitchen environment or on the road!

The blender just feels perfect in any chefs hand, built with a ergonomic handle blending ingredients for your meal has never been easier. The powerful chopping blades on the chopper attachment are strong enough to chop up even the toughest of foods while still being able to make the perfect salsa, chili or dip for the big game.

What We Like About The HB-154PC

The HB-154PC immersion blender is perfect for chefs that like attachments like a chopper and whisk.

The Smart Stick Blender Club Model also comes with a whisk and chopper attachment, allowing you to cook an even wider variety of foods. While the whisk and chopper are attachments they are nothing to forget about! With different push button control you can whip, pulse or blend your dinner to the perfect consistency.

Let’s not forget the most important feature for any chef when looking at new cookware – its dishwasher safe! Allowing you to concentrate on the important things that matter, like your food and guest and not the mess you just made in the kitchen trying to make the perfect meal.

After you are done blending, whisking and chopping simply throw the pieces you have used in the dishwasher and forget about it. Any experienced chef surely remembers the nightmare that was cleaning old blenders curvy arms in the sink by hand after cooking something sticky!

Overall, the Cuisinart HB-154PC is an excellent blender for chefs of any level. This blender is good enough to make a fine dinner for the Queen of England or for making muffins the night before the a big bake sale. If you are looking for a reliable but powerful blender you cant go wrong with a Cuisinart.


One of the biggest benefits of any immersion blender is its ease to use in a busy crowded kitchen. Any experienced chef can you what a nightmare it can be trying to use large blenders and food processors with other people working on different dishes in the same kitchen. Another benefit of this product is its internal 200 watt engine, perfect for blending any type of food


The only disadvantage we could find with this product was that some of the screws go loose over time. This was easily fixed with a small screwdriver and a good pair of eyes!

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