Cuisinart CSB-79 Review

Don’t let this immersion hand blenders size fool you, it still packs quite a punch! Weighing in at just 4 pounds this hand held blender is small and easy to handle without losing any of the power your need to mix, blend and whip your food to the perfect consistency. The Cuisinart CSB 79 blender and attachment combo kit is a great blender for those who are in desperate need of kitchen supplies.

Cuisinart CSB-79 Features

The CSB-79 has a beautiful stainless steel casing that is both easy to clean while still being strong enough to protect the important parts of the motor during heavy blending.

The built in 200-watt engine is more than enough power to mix up even the toughest ingredients for any recipe and the dual settings, low and high, provide the perfect blending setting to get your meal that just right taste.

Why We Like The Cuisinart CSB-79

The Cuisinart CSB-79 is a good choice for chefs looking for an ‘all in one’ immersion blender!

The ergonomic hand grip makes blending for long periods of time easy leaving no long term pain in your arms or hands. The Cuisinart Smart Stick immersion blender comes with some great attachments that any chef could find useful while whipping up a meal. First, it comes with a full sized whisk that attaches to the motor for easy whisking.

This whisk is a true life saver to anyone who likes to cook eggs, beat egg whites or cook Belgian waffles, gone are the days of trying to find a comfortable position for your arm while whisking eggs for a birthday cake. And do not overlook the chopping attachment that is perfect for mince, chop or slice up nuts, spices, and any other ingredient your may need in the kitchen.


Of the many benefits of this blender the biggest is its ease to use. In the past chefs have either had to use unwieldy blenders that were difficult to both use and clean, now with a blender like the CSM-79 a chef can prepare their food in mere seconds.

Another major advantage this blender has over others is the accessories it comes with. If you are a new homeowner or just looking to add some new cookware to your kitchen the CSB-79 comes with a whisk attachment, chopper/grinder attachment and a 16 ounce measuring beaker.

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One of the only downsides to this model is that some foods are unable to chop properly in the food chopper attachment. Instead of being properly cut of the food seems to stick to the blades as they spin the the chamber. We were able to fix this by adding a small amount of water to the compartment before we began cooking.

Another tip to keep in mind when using any blender is the need to keep it clean. Cleaning a modern blender right away is very easy and only takes a few moments but if you let batter or another sticky substance dry on the blades you will be in for a tough time.

Overall this blender is a great option. It has many benefits for cooks of any skill level and its downsides that problems that you will find in any blender on the market. If you are in the market for a new immersion blender be sure to check out the Cuisinart CSB-79.

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