Best Immersion Blenders of 2023

Immersion hand blender’s are regularly used by restauranteurs and professional chefs. The good news about immersion blender’s is that they have recently come down quite a bit in price and are now very accessible for just about any home chef to enjoy the benefits of an immersion blender within their own home.

Some of the best immersion blender’s that are available on the market are easy to use and are extremely functional for the average at-home cook. So many types of immersion blender’s come with complicated instructions, heavy-duty motors and they are also very difficult to disassemble and clean.

Cuisinart CSB-75MRFR Smart Stick 200 W Immersion Hand Blender

Many of the new immersion blender’s that are available on the market are 100% dishwasher safe and are very easy to disassemble, change attachments and clean.

Perhaps one of the best immersion blender’s that is available on the market today is the Cuisinart Smart stick 200 W immersion hand blender. As many immersion hand blender’s cost upwards of $100 is quite surprising to see one of these fantastic kitchen tools on for a price below $35.

This powerful 200 W hand blender is available for just the price of $34.95 on Amazon. Each and every part of the Cuisinart Smart stick has been designed for both the average cooking and to professional in mind. The blender comes complete with very simple push button controls that make it easy enough to use completely one-handed.

Some other types of immersion blender’s can be too powerful to use with one hand and can have more complicated controls that require two hand operation. The Cuisinart is amongst the best immersion blender is because it blends so quickly and with very little vibration for the user. The patented blade system and protective guard also work to prevent splattering. As many chefs know using an immersion hand blender can be very messy especially if you do not hold down the container or if you are already working with messy ingredients.

KitchenAid KHB1231IC

The Kitchenaid 2 speed blender is one of the years best for many reasons. It has everything a cook could possibly want out of an immersion blender at a price that anyone can afford.

Perfect for making soups and cremes this blender can do it all in the kitchen. The two speeds allow chefs to cook the perfect mix for their culinary creation.

Cuisinart CSB-79

Another great blender in 2016 is the Cuisinart CSB-79. The CSB-79 comes with a variety of great tools that help cook recipes that often require blending. The bonus chopper, whisk and measuring cup are infinitely useful in a busy kitchen and will be appreciated by any chef.

This blender is simple to use making it a great choice for those with kids that like to help cook dinner.

How To Pick The Most Popular Immersion Blender of 2024

Having a guard as well as a special patented blade to smoothly blends through any of the cooking materials that you are using is an excellent way to cut down on your kitchen mess. Blending can very quickly turn a kitchen into quite a mess if you do not take all of the necessary precautions, adding a safety mechanism is a good step in the right direction.

Perhaps one of the best features that counts this hand blender amongst the best immersion blender’s is the ability to very easily clean it. The stainless steel components as well as the measuring cup are dishwasher safe so you can wash the components for this blender just as you would any of your other dishes. Other types of blenders may require hand washing components and some serious instructions for disassembly.

Disassembling this blender can be done with a simple push button operation and all of the components slide out of place for easy cleaning. Not only is the Cuisinart Smart stick good enough to be counted in with the best immersion blender’s on the market but it also comes complete with a three-year limited warranty ensuring that your blender can deliver you years of service without a problem. Sometimes a good warranty can be an incredibly valuable asset to a chef low on funds that cant get away without using their blender.

If you are a chef looking for a new immersion blender be sure to check out the Cuisinart Smart Stick.

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