What is an Immersion Blender?

Immersion blender’s are commonly used in a variety of different restaurants and by many professional chefs. Basically what an immersion blender can do is do wonders at blending together sauces, soups and other thick liquids. Instead of using a traditional blender you can lower an immersion blender deep into a bowl or a saucepan to blend together ingredients using a similar blade that you would find in a traditional top loading blender but in a much shorter amount of time to prepare and clean.

An immersion blender has a motor component as well as a wand component. The motor component allows the user to control the speed of the blades at the base of the wand component. The wand component is usually crafted out of polished stainless steel and can be lowered into a container with a blending blade at the base of it. While the top of the wand generally has a non slip comfort handle to help you cook.

The base of the immersion blender will work to blend together ingredients and the user can control the wand to blend individual sections of a large pot or container at will. While you may have little control over a top loading blender an immersion blender allows you to have complete control at blending together ingredients.

Using an immersion blender is also usually best done with a large container and some type of stirring device. As you use an immersion blender is very important to use a spoon as well to make sure that the consistency of the liquid across the entire container remains the same. Some types of immersion blenders may not have the power to consistently blend a large batch of liquid and this is where spoons coming to play. Conversely many immersion blenders also come with small containers that allow the user to utilize its maximum power in a space that will evenly blend all of the components that are placed inside.

Blender Recommended For
Cuisinart HB-154PC Easy to use
Bamix G200 Restaurant quality immersion blender
Cuisinart HM-70 High powered hand mixer

This may involve a person blending in batches, but if you are careful you should be able to avoid this by simply moving around materials in a large pot with the immersion blender. Depending on your needs is very important to consider the type of power or wattage that you need in an immersion blender. For most small kitchens a 200 or 300 water immersion blender should be fine enough to cook average family meals or even for blending drinks and more.

Larger restaurant models are also available if you find yourself cooking extremely large portions or require an immersion blender in your own restaurant. These heavy-duty models are much larger than regular kitchen size models and come with double to triple the power of a regular immersion blender. Immersion blenders, or hand blenders can be an excellent investment if you find yourself commonly blending ingredients together inside a kitchen.

If you make a fair amount of homemade soups, sauces smoothies or drinks within your home an immersion blender can really help you to cut a lot of time off of your preparation. Immersion blenders are also substantially easier to clean than top-down blenders because the stainless steel blending component simply detaches from the motor component and many of these blades and components are completely dishwasher safe.

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